Beer… Fun and Healthy?

8 Sep

Did you go to the Zoo Brew at the Memphis Zoo? What a great event! It was an educational and tasty evening presented by Southwestern Beverage Distributing.

Usually, we hear about how wine, especially red wine is the superior alcoholic beverage choice for health benefits. However, if you a beer lover, you’ll be happy to know studies suggest the moderate drinking of any alcohol type seems to reduce cardiovascular risk. Both wine and beer can be a part of a healthy diet yet they contain different beneficial substances. Hops, an essential ingredient in most beers, have a particular flavonoid that may improve or delay the onset of type-2 diabetes and potentially decrease atherosclerosis. Some studies suggest that beer may even aid in preventing carcinogenesis and could protect bones from osteoporosis. Don’t succumb to the pressure of your wine-drinking friends (me), raise your glass and toast to health benefits regardless of your beverage choice!


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