It’s time to Tailgate!

14 Sep

Yes, my friends, it’s that time of year again. In the South, it seems, we tailgate for junior high events up to the pros! Of course, this post will be directed at the “of age” crowd. Tailgating typically involves some type of alcoholic beverage and it is possible to consume it moderately over the course of the celebration. Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t forgot about water! Keep a water bottle handy. If you depend on booze to keep you hydrated you’ll feel horrible, have decreased inhibitions (which could lead to trouble) and you may even miss the game!
  • Start with water and alternate one bottle (~2 cups) with every alcoholic beverage. Hydration is key!!
  • Know what you’re drinking. If your tailgating host or hostess has shaken up a good luck concoction ask about the ingredients. Mixers can add in loads of calories!
  • If you choose beer, either have light (if that’s what you actually like) or have a nice and creamy dark beer just remember to drink moderately (the water rule helps).
  • Again, moderation is key with distilled spirits as well. Use low to no calorie mixers.

A delicious low-cal sip will be posted just in time for this weekend’s tailgating…


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