The Tour of #Italy Party

25 Aug

I was busy last week preparing for an Italian-inspired birthday party!

The menu was a production in itself and I’d love to share it you! We paired the salads with a crisp white wine and the second course with bold Chianti. YUM!

Our journey begins in Venice.


The Classic Bellini

This blend of white peach puree & Prosecco was created at the legendary Harry’s Bar just steps away from the Grand Canal.


Capocollo, Sopressata, Genoa Salame, Artichokes, Olives & Assorted Cheeses 

Imagine yourself anywhere in Italy. It seems all provinces claim to be the birthplace of antipasto. Antipasti literally means “before the
pasta” & is intended to whet one’s appetite for the pleasures to come.


Mixed Greens & Herb Salad with Figs & Walnuts

A variety of figs grow across Italy. This versatile salad
can be found in most coastal regions.

Caprese di Mozzarella with Tomatoes, Basil, & Pancetta

Although some say this simple & popular salad originated
in Capri, it is actually a recipe from the region of Campania.


Served with Tuscan Bread

Primi Piatti

Penne alla Puttanesca

A fast & easy pasta dish from the Tuscan region and South.  The
ingredients are typical of Southern Italy.

Secondi Piatti

Il Pollo Marsala

This well-known chicken dish originated in Sicily where Marsala wine is produced.

Dolci e Caffe


Known all over the world as the representative dessert of Italy, this stimulating mixture of espresso,
cocoa, sugar & liqueur actually means “pull me up.” It was created in Sienna.



A sweet yet potent liqueur made from Sorrento Lemons.


This liqueur is actually infused with almonds, apricots and, in some recipes, traditional cookies.

It’s originates from the Lombard city of Saronno, north of Milan.


Created in Livorno, Italy, this vanilla liqueur with citrus essence was the favorite of Lorenzo the Magnificent.

Buona Sera!


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