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Thirsty Thursday’s Reminiscing Rum Punch

28 Jul

Imagine being on a sunset cruise in the Carribean with a cold refreshing drink in hand. That’s what I was doing while enjoying this beverage. My husband and I tried to recall the delicious and somewhat potent rum punch we had in Jamaica. Of course, it’s been transformed into a smart sip! The punch I remember was very sweet, almost like a powdered kid’s drink and unnaturally red. So, I’ve replaced the glow-in-the-dark, sugar-laden mix with fresh fruit & juice.

Ingredients for 2 drinks (it’s so yummy, you should share)

Juice of one whole lime

7-8 strawberries, pureed & chilled

3 oz dark rum

4 oz cold water

1 pkt stevia (or any sweetener you prefer)

Directions–Prepare the strawberries a few hours before so they can get cold. I pureed them in my Vitamix. You can put the blender pitcher in the fridge. Place all remaining ingredients in the pitcher and gently blend. Pour into any cocktail glass you like!

This cocktail is approximately 120 calories per serving.


Thirsty Thursday: Tart Cherry Fizz!!

24 Mar

I have to give credit where credit is due. My dietitian buddy, Wendy Jo Peterson, also know as the Roadie Nutritionist, gave me this fabulous and refreshing Spring coctail recipe. Did you know tart cherry juice is packed pull of antioxidants and may help active people recover more quickly from exercise? Give it a sip!


4 oz Lime Perrier or other brand

1 oz Vodka, the Roadie Nutritionist suggests Tito’s

1 oz Tart Cherry Juice

Muddled Mint

Put mint in cocktail glass, top with ice and pour in juice, vodka, and Perrier. Mix, sip, and enjoy!

Approximately 90 calories.