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Thirsty Thursday’s Chocolate Strawberry Shot

23 Jun

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of the new Godiva chocolate-infused vodka. It’s very tasty. You wouldn’t know the crystal clear liquid provides a velvety smooth chocolate flavor. I’ve mixed it a couple of ways but have found that it’s best super-chilled and all by itself. Well, almost…

This is a perfect after dinner bev!

First, muddle strawberries (one per glass) and place into shot glasses.

You can use whatever small, shot-like glasses you have.

Pour 1.5 ounces of the Godiva Chocolate-infused vokda.

Place on a tray and set in the freezer until ready to serve just don’t let the berry freeze.

Serve!     Sip!     Enjoy!

Approximately 90 calories…


Nog without the Clog

1 Dec

Eggnog is as traditional as it gets for holiday beverages. I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to whip up a fresh batch with every gathering. This is my quick & easy way to lighten up your store-bought Nog!

Makes 4 servings… (obviously, you can mix up more if you like)

1.5 cup store-bought low-fat Eggnog

1.5 cup skim milk

3 oz Bourbon of choice

Dash of cinnamon–to taste

Mix milk & nog together in measuring cup or pitcher. Add ice to four 8-10 oz rocks or holiday glasses.  Pour mixture evenly into glasses and top with a little whipped cream and fresh ground nutmeg.

I can hear the holiday music now…. Enjoy!

Approximately 140 calories per serving.

Sippin’ in Honor of…

23 Jun

…the recent release of Sex & the City 2. Enjoy this sweet and refreshing sip!

The Pseudo Cosmo

1 oz Vodka

2 oz cranberry sugar-free drink

½ oz Triple Sec

Lime juice to taste

Shake with crushed ice to chill and mix. Pour into martini glass leaving most of the ice in the shaker.

Garnish with the traditional orange peel or a slice of fresh peach.

Approximately 120 calories