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No Green Beer Here!

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

I have to say over the years I haven’t put much thought into what St. Patrick’s Day was all about other than wearing green and partying. So, this year I thought I’d get a little history! According to History.com, St. Patrick’s Day began after his death in the 5th century. It just so happened to fall during the Lenten season. After a religious service early in the day a celebraton occured without the dietary limitations observed during Lent. And, my friends, we have the St. Patricks day celebration!

Traditions are around for a reason. You just don’t change good things. One example for today is beer! Why take a perfect, velvet-like liquid and color it green-ICK!

My recommendation for this St. Patty’s Day Thirsty Thursday is a good Irish Stout! You can wear your green shirt but don’t mess with the beer.

Not only is beer a perfect choice for today, it’s a nutrient-rich brew!

Did you know that moderate consumption of beer may aid in…

Stick with tradition today and have a good Irish Stout!

Cheers, to your health!